1/10th Scale Electric Hydroplane Racing



1993 - 2018


Welcome to Classic Thunder 

The first 1/10th Scale Electric Unlimited Hydroplane club in the world!


As pioneers of a growing 1:10 Scale electric hydro class, our goal is to continue to duplicate real unlimited hydroplane racing as closely as we can. Since our inception in 1993, we have not only tried to recreate the boats of several eras, but to encourage a spirit of fun, respectful competition and comradery within our membership.   If you'd like to find out more about Classic Thunder, what we do, how to get involved or if you simply have questions, feel free to contact us.


P.S.  Let's go Racin!



2018 Classic Thunder Rule Book has been posted!!

Boat registrations for 2018 are now being logged.  Contact the CT Registrar, Mitch Dillard, at hydroscale@gmail.com with your requests for registrations.  PayPal invoices for payment of club fees will be emailed to you with payment options and instructions. Pay via Paypal, mail or in-person.

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(last updated 2/3/2018)


(The two-wing 1995 Miss Budweiser)


(Bill Muncey's dominant 1972 Atlas Van Lines)


(another Muncey boat, the 1955 Miss Thriftway and her crew)


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(Mitch Dillard's 1952 Slo-Mo-Shun IV... The Grand Old Lady)




Fife (Levee Pond) 2018 Preseason Test Sessions

March 4th, March 25th and April 8th

open water from 10am-2pm



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or Custom Built Boats, Cowlings and Canopies

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(Last Updated on 2/15/2018)


(Gordy Serwold's 1976 Miss Madison)


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(Dale Van Wyk's 1989 Cooper's Express)